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Our Mission
Monthly meetings are held the third
Sunday of the month @ The Grand
River Manor, 1153 N.
Windsor-Mechanicsville Road,
Harpersfield, OH @ 5 p.m
CMRO Region 13, Inc. Organization is a non-profit entity formed to
promote and protect the interests of Ohio motorcyclists by:
  • Monitoring the legislative process
  • Enhancing the image of the sport and its participants.
  • Providing educational and social opportunities
for the people of the motorcycle riding
  • The purpose of CMRO Region 13, Inc. is to:
Protect and maintain the collective and individual
rights of motorcyclists.
  • Raise awareness about motorcycling among the
general public.
  • Promote safety and education for riders.

It is our intent to provide an appropriate forum for:
  • Education
  • Voter mobilization
  • Community affairs

CMRO Region 13, Inc. supports national Motorcycle Rights
Organizations (MRO’s) including the American Motorcycle
Association (AMA), the Motorcycle Riders Foundation
(MRF), the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM),
and works with other MRO’s . We keep members informed
of pertinent legislative issues and encourage them to write
or contact their legislators. We sponsor social events for
member and non-members alike, publish a bimonthly
newsletter, FULL THROTTLE, and donate to various
charities in Ashtabula County.

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”
Membership Application (PDF File)
CMRO Region 13, Inc.
Membership Fees: Single: $20
Lifetime Single: $150
Joint: $30 Lifetime Joint: $250
There are times in our lives when events or situations that compel us to
step forward and speak up in an effort to exert control over our social
environment. It is often difficult for individuals, however, to have a
significant impact on society
Working as a group, on the other hand, provides us with the intellectual,
financial and human resources that we do not have available when working
By voicing our concerns as one and working together for a common goal,
we gain the advantages of strength in numbers and the power of the
collective will. We as an organization can accomplish that which we as
individuals cannot.
An important aspect of any organization is communication, and timely
information is vital to our success. Our bi-monthly newsletter will keep
you informed about legislative activities, educational programs and events
across the state.
The Region will provide local information about meetings and events
through regional newsletters and local contact through regular
membership meetings. These publications and meetings provide timely
motorcycling-related information about your local area as well as news
about State and Federal issues that may impact you.
The internet and Email are also utilized to process and expedite important
communications and news alerts.